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For the past decade or so there have been a number of books claiming to make understanding Gann easy. Most investors we have spoken to are of the opinion that these books failed to reach such a lofty but laudable objective. We are of the same opinion. The books we have read have certainly not been easy to follow and in many instances Gann's techniques have been mixed up with other less powerful methods of analysis which have watered down the effect of Gann's genius.
Gann Management Ltd has been teaching investors the techniques of W.D. Gann for the past 20 years without any reference to any other analysis method. The techniques taught have been extracted from Gann's books or more importantly from his courses. From these basic tenets we have discovered some exciting logical extensions. We clearly state when we have introduced such an extension. It is then up to the student to accept or reject the proposition. Over the last 25 years we have organized basic Gann principles in a logical sequence. This organization and the initialexclusion of the more sophisticated techniques have enabled us to produce a Gann trading method which is logical and understandable to all.
These series of quests will introduce students to this simplified approach which will transform the beginner or even seasoned trader into a profitable trading machine within a matter of months. The method can be profitably applied to all of the worlds speculative markets.
The aim of the course is to introduce the trader to a system with a disciplined and clearly defined series of decisions each constructed from conclusions extracted from a progressive series of relatively simple calculations. An important feature is that no personal judgments need be made, culminating in all analysts using this method coming to the same conclusion on the same day. This is achieved by using mathematical calculations created from what Gann termed 'Natural Law'. These rules ensure that the student can smoothly, effortlessly and unemotionally take actions to buy, sell or hold. The student will be able to distinguish between short, medium or long term strategies by using different sets of formulae. The method applies to all investment markets including the stock, commodity and foreign exchange markets and extends to the analysis of managed funds and even to the movement of interest rates. Unbelievable ! That's what our chairman thought when he first confronted the genius of W.D. Gann. However, by reference to the many examples found in this quest for excellence, doubts will quickly be dispersed.
You will be in good company during your journey with Gann Management. Over the years our students, throughout the world, have included professionals from most of the worlds leading investment institutions, stock and commodity brokers and have included thousands of private investors with large, medium and small portfolios. A list of some of our past subscribers accompanied by tributes from subscribers can be found in 'How Good Are We' …And now for the free bit.
As an introduction to the quality of our course we are providing this free introductory lesson which will present general rules and a specific rule of great value. The intention will be to disclose the flavor and uniqueness of our course and it's simple approach.
Before commencing your journey into the amazing world of W.D. Gann have a look at 'A great discovery'. This article tells of our chairman's introduction to the works of the master. It may be that you are at the same juncture in your investment career as he was in 1972. At that time there was no access to data, no easy access to literature and certainly no easy access to experienced advice. He had to spend thousands of hours accumulating data and hunting down the knowledge which W.D. Gann had thankfully left to posterity. The huge advantage that todays investors have is that they have instant access to an amazing amount of inexpensive data, the carrying capacity of the Internet, the outstanding power of the computer and Gann Management to help along the way. Oh! for such an advantage in 1972.
and so the journey begins .......
'The Disciplines - This journey starts with the introduction of a subject which is considered by many investors to be mundane and generally unimportant. Yet all the world's great traders emphasize over and over again the absolute necessity of following these disciplines. They, to a man, confirm that their success was achieved only by the strict application of firm money management rules.
Money Management is one of the three basic components of successful trading and perhaps is even more important than the method of analysis . The absence of properly formed money management rules is a formulae for certain failure.
These, then, are three of the money management rules with some elaboration drawn from 26 years experience in the markets.
Essential Rule number one.
Divide your capital into 10 equal parts and never risk more than 1/10th of your capital in any one trade.
Editors comments - It follows, therefore, that with a capital base of $100,000 capital, EVERY trade made should be as close as possible to $10,000. Traders should not make judgements as to how strong a particular trade is compared with others. The rule will guard against investing heavily in a trade that goes wrong and investing a small amount in a big winner. This avoids the possibility of suffering large losses which are only partly offset by small profits. The object should be to experience small losses which are more than offset by large profits.
By using this rule the disastrous policy of investing more and more as markets rise is also avoided. Have you ever wondered why speculators suffer massive losses at tops of markets after a bull market has lasted a decade or so? Surely after such a good period plenty of profits should have accumulated to deal with any sudden losses? The problem is that speculators invest very little at market lows when their confidence is at a low ebb. As the market soars their confidence and greed grow encouraging them to invest more and more as the markets soar to new highs. This situation is later compounded by the bank manager expressing his amazement at the genius he has on his hands. After encouraging words the genius agrees to borrow to buy more. His first step takes him into the dangerous world of over speculation. The 'genius' then learns of the wonders of 'gearing' just as the Bear Market is about to break. Over exposure in the market immediately extinguishes all the profits made during the previous decade. In no time at all the 'genius' is no more. Overnight success swiftly turns into personal disaster due to the lack of sound money management disciplines.
In the dying months of 1986 our chairman was talking in one of his monthly seminars. He was extolling the virtues of this rule in it's ability to reduce risk and thus protecting capital. This was far too much for a few in the audience as the markets were in the later stages of a roaring Bull Market. All was brightness for most but extremely dangerous for the experienced few. A youngish delegate stood up and denounced the rule as garbage. He put forward the view that fortunes will never be made by such methods. He proudly advised us all that he had become a multi millionaire from investing in the stock market. He was accompanied by his stock broker who confirmed his client's good fortune in a typically stock brokerish sort of way. Several months later we learned that the millionaire had knocked on the door of debtors retreat after the 1987 stock market collapse. We didn't feel too sorry for him as he wasn't alone in his demise. He had taken his stock broker with him! As a company who follow the wisdom of this management rule and Gann analysis we were able to avoid the crash of 1987.
To summarize - Spread your risk equally. If you are not absolutely convinced of the wisdom of effecting a trade just don't trade. Never compromise by reducing the amount you invest. The trade is either worth the risk or it isn't, If it isn't don't trade. Play it any other way and sod's law will get you in the end.
Daily General Summary, Week Commencing 12 October 1987.
"Upon my return from holiday my first impression is that I don't like the look of the markets at the moment. This is a time to enthusiastically place new monies into cash and then wait for new opportunities to unfold - no matter how long that may take. This is not a time to doze off, even though that may be the temptation. Keep a close watch on all your stop losses without exception. IF THE STOPS SO ADVISE, GO COMPLETELY LIQUID !"
Essential Rule number two - Always use a stop loss point.
Editors comment - (a stop loss point is the price where a trade should be exited either with a profit or a loss)
This exit point should be determined BEFORE a trade is opened. This allows the investor to assess the maximum loss he is likely to suffer. The maximum amount of loss should be for an amount with which the investor feels comfortable. When a loss is ENJOYED it should be likened to the payment of an insurance premium which ensures that a catastrophe is avoided.
It might surprise you to hear us say that losses should be enjoyed. The fact is that losses are an integral part of a traders life. Once it is accepted that to accept small losses is not a cardinal sin the trader is well on the way to success. Losses can be likened to unsuccessful presentations given by an accomplished salesman. The salesman knows he must accept a number of negative responses to his sales efforts before he hits the jackpot. The experienced salesmen welcomes these refusals. He will know his success rate and after each unsuccessful presentation he will be nearer to that next sale. Similarly once a trader has established his success ratio he can also be happy to record a loss as a positive event rather than an emotional disaster. He will be nearer to the thrill of those juicy profits.
Essential Rule number three - Never, under any circumstances, overtrade.
Editors comment - Many an inexperienced investor conclude that investment is a simple and easy way to make a large amount of money in a very short period of time. Experienced traders know that this is untrue. Early in a trader's career the temptation to overtrade is almost unstoppable. The extraordinary effectiveness of the modern day marketing methods in the financial services industry can be overwhelming. This especially applies at the tops of Bull Markets. The continual exposure to offers of unrepeatable profitable opportunities is almost irresistible. The pressure on investors to overtrade is immense yet it must be avoided at all costs. One way of achieving this goal is to understand that fortunes are not made at tops of markets but at the bottoms of markets. Historic opportunities occur after a market has fallen over a period of years with a fall usually of horrendous magnitude. At such times, financial marketing is almost defunct and is noticeable only by its absence. When adverts are few and you can't see a smiling face on those TV channels then the time to buy is nigh.
The only time you will get away with overtrading is when the pressures to buy are non existent and life looks extremely bleak. Therefore, avoid overtrading by looking at facts and ignoring opinion. In reality, facts are always hard to come by whilst opinion is constantly within earshot. You have to ferret out facts but you will have opinion thrust upon you. When opinion dries up, then is the time to look for the facts.
An extreme example of this was in 1975 after the biggest fall the UK stock market has ever suffered. On an inspection in December 1974 of the accounts, of the UK's biggest company of the time, I.C.I. the facts were clear. They showed that the stock market valuation of I.C.I. was well below the value of the companies land assets. The opinions of most experts and investors was that the stock market was about to close down and would never recover again. Looking at the facts and not listening to the emotional response of others is the best way to avoid overtrading. In 1975 there was an opportunity for a 200% profit in three months! Naturally there were several major Gann support levels providing massive underlying support.
Gold has no friends at the moment and there is a dearth of adverts pertaining to opportunities in the gold market. Hmmm.....interesting!
In all, there are 21 Gann trading rules. We have introduced three of them.
There are three main components of this Gann course. They are :-
1 - Money Management
2 - Psychology
3 - Technical
Having taken a glance at the first two components now is the time to have a quick peek at a technical feature.
The Magic of the G1 support level The objective of the technical section is to enable students to identify future tops and bottoms of markets weeks, months or even years ahead of their ultimate formation.
One of the most important discoveries made by Gann was that there is a mathematical relationship between past tops and bottoms and future tops and bottoms. If this is a reality, then by isolating past turning points, future tops and bottoms levels can be identified well in advance.
To establish these levels there are a number of calculations to be made. The most important calculation is to isolate what we term the G1 level. G1 is purely a code we use to save space on our software program and computer graphical presentations. The G1 level is Gann's most important level. The G2 level is the 2nd most important level etc.
To obtain this G1 level all you have to do is divide the historical high by 2.'
For example at the time of writing the historical high for the Dow Jones Industrials is 8340. Therefore the G1 level now stands at 4170 ie 8340 divided by 2. In the event of the Dow climbing above 8340 then the level will have to be raised accordingly.
The G1 level is important because it is the balancing point of all the prices traded during the investment's lifetime. The first hit of the G1 level is the safest to use.
We appreciate that to believe in the power of such a simple rule does stretch credibility to the extreme. In one of our Free Introductory Seminars a car dealer delegate stood and shouted out that he thought we were a load of charlatans when he was confronted by this simple rule. He left abruptly. People with closed minds tend to leave arguments before discussion and investigation. This incidence brought the trials and tribulations of Pythagaros to mind.
It is fully appreciated that such simplicities are hard to swallow. In fact, our chairman spent an unproductive 3 years attempting to prove the fallacy of Gann's mathematical arguments. He also traded and tested over 130 other methods which, in the vast majority of cases , proved to be less than satisfactory. Even when the methods were merged it was akin to mixing the primary colours together where you finish up with a very dull grayish brown. The results whilst producing a positive result of sorts was very grey brown in colour terms.
The success of the few other methods that created some interest seemed to depend upon the judgement of the individual investor. An example would be the Elliott Wave Theory where different interpretations are common place. A further disadvantage of most was that they were laggard in nature, whilst with Gann the investor is often able to glimpse into the future which allows him to plan ahead with confidence.
It was also noted that most vendors of investment methods rarely seemed to have made profits themselves....Gann did! Furthermore an unsatisfactory 5 year back checking period seems to be the norm. As for ourselves, we believe a 60 year period is the absolute minimum period as such a check encapsulates the long term economic inflation/deflation cycles. You may think this is unreasonable but W.D. Gann spent a whole year in the British Museum where he accumulated Wheat prices going back to the 13th Century. He then applied his rules of natural law and surprise, surprise each century gave weight to his theory. Now that is checking for you! As they say genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Gann went to great lengths to prove the point.
In support of the G1 level:- Here are a number of examples which illustrate the effectiveness of this simple calculation.
Stock Market Indices
In 1987 all the world's stock markets suffered savage falls. Yet despite the ferocity of the collapse the markets which reached the G1 level, and there were more did than didn't, were arrested exactly at 50% from their extreme highs. The markets that didn't recover at the G1 level just never fell that far. For instance, the Dow's fall was contained by the G2 level which is a little higher ........ but more of this in a future lessons.
Here are a few examples showing the effect of the G1 level in isolating the lows of 1987 and the following rise. The way to calculate the tops will be explained in subsequent lessons.

Australia Metals & Minerals and Malaysia are two markets which are now at or near the G1 level. Observe what happens at these important points. They will probably rise from here. If they do not hold here then the markets will be in serious position. Falls will almost certainly then fall to 50% of the G1 level. This will be fully explained in future lessons.

The Japanese market
The Japanese market has suffered badly since January 1990, yet a belief in the importance of the G1 level would have provided an excellent opportunity to make a healthy profit of over 40% in October 1990. There are always healthy profits by 'buying' shares in Bear markets for those traders who understand how the markets really work. For instance, Gann in November of 1929 made a substantial 50% profit by using the G1 level at 194. The extreme 1929 high was 388. The simple division of 2 just after the Wall Street bull market topped out in 1929 isolated the opportunity well in advance. There was a 10 weeks period for the trader to steel himself to buy. Coupled with that rarest of gifts 'patience' the decision to buy is made possible for a Gann believer as belatedly others run for the exits just before the market bottoms. Coupled with that rarest of gifts 'patience' the decision to buy is made possible for a Gann believer as others belatedly run for the exists just before the market bottoms out. No Gann student, with discipline, should never have this problem.

The Gold Market
Gold Bullion and it's associated markets have had a hard time over the last decade since it spiked. However, as we have seen with Japan, the G1 level presented a glorious opportunity in the South African Gold Mines market in 1995. By calculating the G1 level and using that greatest of investment virtues 'patience' a substantial profit of 50% would have been enjoyed. This buying level could have been calculated at least 12 months before this opportunity arose. This provides plenty of time to contemplate and prepare for this G1 signal ... pure Gann magic!

UK Shares
A look at United Biscuits in 1992 is a wonderful testament of the effectiveness of the G1 level. How do a fundamentalist explain such actions?

A Few US Shares
Aalberts Industries is a great example in the US market. Bank of America would have been better. By acting on a 50% fall from the extreme high in 1990 a $9 purchase would have grown to $81! (to find these two examples we checked out just 7 US shares)

A Few Japanese Shares
Hitachi fell to the G1 level for the first time in November 1990 which arrested the fall and provided an opportunity of a 25% profit in a few weeks before it continued its fall. Sumitimo illustrates the use of the G1 level as a place to take profits. A trader picking up shares in late 1990 would have been warned of trouble in the 2500 G1 area.

A Few European Shares
The French share Pernod enjoyed a substantial rise form its G1 base in 1997. Skis Rossignal enjoyed a similar experience in 1995 when it zoomed from the G1 level. The Norwegian shipping line Norsk Hydro commenced it massive rise from the G1 in 1992. Buying Kredietbank on its 1987 G1 level would have gave one a smile.




过去的十年或如此的在那里是许多的书宣称使了解 Gann 容易的。 我们已经说话的最大多数的投资者是意见这些书没有到达一个如此高的但是值得赞赏的目的。 我们是相同的意见。 我们已经看的书当然不是已经是容易的跟随而且在许多例证 Gann's 的技术中已经与浇水下 Gann's 的天才效果的分析其他的比较不有力方法一起混淆。
Gann 管理公司已经教投资者 W.D. 的技术 没有关于任何其他的分析方法的任何参考的过去 20 年的 Gann。 被教的技术从 Gann's 的书或更重要从他的课程已经被吸取。 从这些基本的主义我们已经发现一些令人兴奋的合乎逻辑的延长。 当我们已经介绍一个如此延长的时候 , 我们清楚地说。 它然后对接受或拒绝建议是由学生决定。 在过去 25 年以来我们已经以合乎逻辑的顺序组织基本的 Gann 原则。 这一个组织和较复杂的技术 initialexclusion 已经使我们能够生产 Gann 进行贸易是合乎逻辑的到和对全部是可以理解的方法。
探索的这些系列将会介绍这被单一化的将会把初学者或平坦的经验丰富的商人转变成一部有利润的贸易机器在大约数数个月内的方式给学生认识。 方法可能被有利地适用于所有的世界思索性的市场。
课程的目标要介绍一个系统给商人认识由于一训练而且清楚地定义每个从从前进的连续相对地简单的计算被吸取的结论构造的连续决定。 一个重要的特征是没有个人的裁判需要被做, 达绝顶的在所有的分析家中使用在相同的日子对相同的结论就要来的这一个方法。 这被藉由使用从 Gann 所称的 '自然法则' 被产生的数学计算达成。这些规则确定学生罐子平滑地,容易地而且不在情绪上采取行动买, 卖或支撑。 学生将会能够藉由使用公式的不同组合区别短,媒体或长期策略。 方法对利率的运动适用于包括存货,日用品和外币交易的所有投资市场而且对处理的基金分析和更甚至扩充。 难以置信的 ! 当他最初面对了 W.D. 的天才时候 , 那是我们的主席所的 Gann。然而,藉着被发现在这探索中的参考许多例子为优秀,怀疑很快地将会是被驱散的。
你在和 Gann 管理的你旅程期间将会是在好公司中。 在数年以来我们的学生,在世界各处,已经包括来自大部份世界的专业人士领先投资机构,存货和日用品经纪人并且已经和大的,萣生熟的和小文件夹包括数以千计私人的投资者。 一连串的一些我们的由来自签署者的贡物陪同的过去签署者在 '我们多好' …可能被发现和现在为自由的一点点。
如对我们的课程质量的介绍我们正在提供这将会呈现一般的规则和很棒的价值一条特定的规则自由的介绍课。 意图将会要揭露我们的课程滋味和独特,而且它是简单的方式。
在开始你的旅程进 W.D. 的令人惊异的世界之前 Gann 大略看过 '一项很棒的发现' 。 这一个文章我们的介绍主席告诉到主人的工厂。 它可能是当他是在 1972 年的时候 , 你在你的投资事业的相同接合。 在那一个次那里不是对数据的通路, 对文学和确定没有容易的通路没有容易的通路到经历忠告。 他下知识置于地面必须度过数以千计小时累积数据和狩猎 W.D. Gann 已经对子孙感谢的留下。 极大的利益今天投资者已经是他们让立即存取到一笔令人惊异量的廉宜数据,英特网的装载量, 计算机和 Gann 管理的杰出力量沿着方法帮助。 哦! 对于在 1972 年一个如此利益.
' 训练 -这一次旅程以是考虑被许多投资者到是现世的和通常不重要的主题介绍开始。 仍然所有的世界伟大的商人一再地强调在这些训练之后的 absolute 需要。 他们,对一个男人,确定他们的成功只有被坚定的钱管理规则的严厉申请达成。
这些,然后,是有从 26 年市场的经验被画的一些苦心经营的钱管理规则中的三条。
把你的首都分为 10个对手部份和从不危险超过 1/任何的贸易你首都中的第 10个。
编者意见 - 它跟随, 因此,由于一个 $100,000 的首都基础首都,每个贸易制造应该是尽可能接近的到 $10,000. 商人不应该作审判对于一个特别的贸易是多么的强劲与其它相较。 规则将会预防很重地在一个出毛病的贸易方面投资和投资一个大的胜利者的小数量。 这避免蒙受是藉着小的利润只有部分弥补的大损失的可能性。 物体应该要经历不只是抵销藉着大的利润小损失。
藉由使用这一条规则投资的损失惨重的政策越来越多的如市场上升也被避免。你曾经吗在一个多头市场已经持续十年左右之后 , 投机者为什么在市场的顶端遭受庞大的损失? 在一个如此好时期许多利润之后当然应该要累积的处理任何的突然损失? 问题是投机者投资非常小的在市场低温当他们的信心在一个低点退潮的时候。如市场高扬他们的信心和贪欲生长鼓励他们投资越来越多的当市场升高到新的高温。 这一种情形是比较迟的混合被银行经理在他在他的手上有的天才表达他的惊愕。 在鼓励字天才之后同意借买更多。 他的第一个步骤拿他进在推测之上的危险世界。 '天才' 然后学习 '传动装置' 的奇迹正如如空头市场正要打破。 在暴露上方在市场中立刻熄灭所有的利润在早先的十年期间制造。 立刻在所有的 '天才' 不是更多。 通宵的成功很快地变成对健全的钱管理训练的缺乏个人的到期灾祸。
在 1986 年垂死的数个月中我们的主席正在他的其中之一每月的研究会中讲话。 他正在它里面颂杨这一条规则的德行是能力减少危险而且如此保护首都。 这是甚远地太多为一些在听众中当市场是在风哮雨嚎的多头市场的较迟阶段中。 对于大部分全部是光亮除了极端危险之外为那经历很少的。 youngish 代表站起来而且告发了规则如垃圾。 他提出财富将会无法被如此的方法做的视野。 他傲慢地劝告了我们所有的他已经从在股票市场中投资成为一个 multi 百万富翁。 他由他的以一种典型地存货的 brokerish 种类方式确认他的客户好财富的存货经纪人陪同。 数好几个月之后我们了解百万富翁已经撞债务人休息寓所 1987 股票市场崩溃之后的门。 当在他的死亡中他不孤独的时候 , 我们不为他觉得太难过。 他已经和他带他的存货经纪人! 如一家公司谁遵从我们能够的规则和 Gann 分析避免坠毁的这管理的智能


概述 - 相等地传布了你的危险。 如果你不被完全地信服就是招致一个贸易的智能不交易。 不要藉由减少你投资的数量妥协处理。 贸易或是值危险否则它是不,如果它是不不交易。 玩它任何其他的方法而且草地的法律在结束中将会拿你。
在 1987 年十月 STOCKMARKET 坠毁之前的星期,我们给予了下列各项忠告:
每日的一般摘要, 星期开始 1987 年十月 12 日.
" 在我的回返之上从假日我的第一印象是我此刻不喜欢市场的神情。 这是热心地放置新的钱进现金之内然后等候新的机会展开的时候 - 无论可能拿多么的长。 这不是时候小睡 ,即使可能是诱惑。 维持一个结束没有例外的在你所有的停止损失上的手表。 如果停止如此劝告, 完全地去液体 !"
必要的规则二号 - 总是使用停止损失点。
编者意见 - ( 停止损失点是价格一个贸易应该被退出或由于利润或一个损失)
在一个贸易被打开之前 , 这出口点应该是坚决的。 这允许要估定他所可能的最大损失的投资者遭受。 最大量的损失应该是为投资者感到舒服的数量。 当一个损失被它的时候对确定一场大灾难是避免的保险额外费用的付款应该被比喻。
它可能使你吃惊我们损失应该被。 事实是损失是一个整体商人生活的部份。一经一般接受接受小的损失不是一位枢机主教犯商人是好的在前往成功的途中。 损失对被一个完成的售货员给的不成功的发表可能被比喻。 在他击中累积奖金之前 , 售货员认识他一定接受对他的售卖努力的许多否定的反应。 富有经验的售货员欢迎这些拒绝。 他将会他的成功率,而且在每个不成功的发表之后他对下个售卖将会是比较近的。 同样地曾经一个商人也已经建立他的成功比他可能对记录一个损失如一件积极的事件是快乐的并非情绪的灾祸。 他将会对那些多汁液的利润震颤是比较近的。
必要的规则三号 - 从不,在任何的环境, overtrade 之下。
编者意见 - 多数一个无经验的投资者得出结论投资是在非常短时段中赚很多的钱一个简单的和容易的方法。 富有经验的商人这是不正确的。 早的在商人的事业中对 overtrade 的诱惑几乎无法制止。 销售财政的服务工业的方法现代的非常效力可能是压倒性的。 这在多头市场的顶端尤其应用。 对无法重复的有利润的机会提议的持续不断的暴露几乎不可抵抗。 对 overtrade 的在投资者上的压力是极广大的,然而它不惜任何代价一定被避免。达成这一个目标的一个方法要财富不被在市场的顶端但是市场的底部做。在一个市场已经以秋天通常可怕的大小从数年的一个时期跌落之后 , 历史性的机会发生。 在如此的时代,财政的行销几乎死并且只有藉着它的缺席是引人注目的。 当注意很少和你然后不能在那些电视频道上的一个微笑的脸要买的时候在附近地。
你将会逃离由于 overtrading 的唯一一次是要买的压力是非的时候存在的和生活看起来极端萧瑟。 因此,藉由看着事实而且不理睬意见避免 overtrading。 事实上,事实总是很难到不变地在一会儿之前来意见是在听力所及之范围里面。 你必须用雪貂打猎出事实,但是你将会在你之上让意见插入。 当意见干? 的时候,然后是时候找寻事实。


一种极端例子这是在英国股票市场曾经已经遭受的最大秋天之后在 1975 年。 在 1974 年十二月在一次检验上帐户,时间的英国最大的公司, I.C.I. 事实是清楚的。 他们 I.C.I. 的股票市场评价在公司的价值土地资产下面很好。 最大多数的专家意见和投资者是股票市场是有关关闭而且再一次会无法复原。 看着事实和不对其它的情绪回应听是避免 overtrading 的最好方法。 在 1975个那里中在三个月中是 200% 利润的一个机会! 自然地有一些主要的 Gann 支持水平提供庞大的在下面的支持。
黄金此刻而且在那里没有朋友是一个缺乏注意属于金色的市场机会。 Hmmm.....有趣的!
在所有的,有 21 Gann 进行贸易规则。 我们已经介绍他们中的三个。
有三个主要的这 Gann 课程的成份。 他们是 :-
1- 钱管理
2- 心理学
3- 技术上的
G1 支持的魔术消除技术上的区段目的要使学生能够在他们的终极形成之前识别市场数个星期,数个月或平坦的数年将来的顶端和底部。
被 Gann 做的最重要的发现之一是在过去的顶端和底部和未来顶端和底部之间有数学的关系。如果这是真实,那么被隔离过去的转捩点,未来高耸,而且底部水平预先可能被识别得好
建立这些水平那里是被做的许多计算。 最重要的计算要隔离我们所称的 G1 水平。 G1 纯粹地是一个我们使用解救在我们的软件计画和计算机上的空间图解式的发表密码。 G1 水平是 Gann's 的最重要的水平。 G2 水平及其他是第二个最重要的水平。
获得这 G1 消除全部你必须是在 2 点之前分开历史的高度.'
举例来说在为道琼指数钟斯工业股写历史的高度时候是 8340 。 因此 G1 水平以 4170 在 2 点之前被分开的 ie 8340 现在站。 假使道琼指数攀登在 8340上面然后水平将会必须因此被升起。
因为它是那个平衡在投资的终生期间被交易的所有价格的点 , 所以 G1 水平很重要。 G1 水平的第一个击中是使用的最安全的。
我们感激那信仰一条如此简单的规则力量做对极端的可伸缩的可信度。 他向左突然地。 有关闭思想的人们容易留下在讨论和调查前的争论。 这影响之方式带 Pythagaros 的审判和苦难去。
一般完全感激如此的单纯对忍受是难的。 事实上,我们的主席花无生产的 3 年尝试 Gann's 的数学争论的谬见。 他也交易而且测试超过 130个 , 在情形的巨大多数方面的其他方法 , 到是一点也不满意的。 即使当方法被合并它和一起混合主要的颜色类似你以非常迟钝的浅灰色的褐色结束哪里。 结果被产生一个积极的勉强算的上结果的一会儿是非常灰色的褐色以颜色来说。
产生一些兴趣的很少其他的方法成功仰赖个别的投资者的审判。 一个例子会是不同的解释是通常的地方 Elliott 波理论。 大部分的进一步的缺点是他们是迟缓的在自然中, 和 Gann 的一会儿投资者时常能够进入允许他以信心向前地计划的未来之内投以一瞥。
它也被记录投资方法的最大多数的厂商很少地已经赚利润他们自己.... Gann 做! 此外令人不满意的 5 年检查时期的背面是基准至于我们自己,我们相信 60 年期间同样地是 absolute 最小的时期支票装入胶囊长期经济的胀大/放气周期. 你可能这是不合理的但是 W.D. Gann 在他累积了小麦价格回去  13 世纪的大英博物馆中花整个年。他然后应用他的自然法则和惊奇的规则 , 惊奇每世纪给予了重量到他的理论。现在那正在为你检查! 当他们天才是 10% 灵感和 90% 汗。 Gann 用尽一切可能的手段点。。
在 G1 水平的支持方面:- 这里是许多的举例说明简单的计算效力的例子。
在 1987 所有的世界存货市场中遭受了天然的秋天。 不管崩溃的狞猛性仍然到达了 G1 水平的市场, 和有更多做比较没有, 完全地被拘捕在 50% 从他们的极端高温。 市场在 G1 水平不复原仅仅从不跌落那远的。 举例来说,道琼指数的秋天被 G2 稍微比较高的水平包含了........ 除了更多之外这在将来的课中。
这里是一些例子在隔离低温方面表现 G1 水平的效果 1987 和下列各项上升。 要计算顶端的方法将会在后来的课中被解释。

澳洲金属 & 矿物和马来西亚是二个是现在在或在 G1 水平的附近市场。 观察在这些重要的点发生的东西。 他们从在这里将会或许升。 如果他们在这里不支撑那么市场将会是在严重的位置中。 秋天将会然后几乎确定地落到 50% 的 G1 水平。 这将会完全在将来的课中被解释。

日本市场自从 1990 年一月以后已经严重地遭受,然而 G1 水平的重要信念会提供一个优良的机会在 1990 年十月赚超过 40% 的健康利润。 对那些市场如何真的工作商人在熊市场中在 '买' 之前总是有健康的利润部份。 举例来说, Gann 在十一月 1929 作了一个重要部份 50% 利润藉由使用 G1 水平在 194. 极端 1929个高度是 388 。 简单的区分 2 预先在 1929 年在华尔街多头市场之后仅仅高耸出把机会隔离得很好。 商人有一个 10 星期期间使他自己坚如钢买。 由于那加倍最稀罕的当迟来地在市场根据之前 , 其它仅仅竞选出口,礼物 '耐性' 要买的决定对一个 Gann 相信的人被作出可能。 由于那加倍最稀罕的当其它迟来地竞选,礼物 '耐性' 要买的决定对一个 Gann 相信的人被作出可能那在外在市场之前仅仅存在底部。 没有 Gann 学生,藉由训练,应该从不有这一个问题。

黄金金银和它是联合的市场已经在最后十年以来自被以大钉钉牢的它以后有艰苦时期。然而,当我们已经和日本看到的时候,呈现南非的一个光荣的机会 G1 水平在 1995 年挖掘市场。 藉由计算 G1 水平而且使用那最好的投资德行 '耐性'50% 的实质上的利润被。 这个买水平应该可以被计算至少 12个月在这一个机会之前引起。 这提供许多时间注视并且准备这 G1 信号...纯粹的 Gann 魔术!

联合的面包面貌在 1992 年是 G1 水平的效力一个令人惊奇的圣约。 一个信奉正统派基督教的人如何如此的行动?

Aalberts 工业是美国市场的一个很棒的例子。 美国的银行会是比较好的。 藉由对来自极端的 50% 秋天 1990$9 购买的高度有所反应会生长到 $81! (找我们检查只有 7 美国股票的这二个例子)

日立在拘捕了秋天而且提供了 25% 利润的一个机会在几个数个星期之内在它了它的秋天之前的 1990 年十一月第一次落到 G1 水平。 Sumitimo 举例说明 G1 水平的使用如一个地方采取利润。 在 1990 后期内拾起部份的一个商人被警告 2500 G1 区域的麻烦。

法国部份 Pernod 在 1997 年了一个实质上的上升形式它的 G1 基础。 当它从 G1 水平突然扩大的时候 , 滑雪板 Rossignal 在 1995 年了一种相似的经验。 挪威的海运排成一行挪威人的浴疗院在 1992 年开始了它来自 G1 的庞大上升. 买在它的 1987个 G1 水平上的 Kredietbank 会有给予一一个微笑。